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Meet our Team of Professionals!

Meet the Sales Team

Over the years, our service staff has worked with and on most brands of equipment, where chemical delivery is concerned. We are comfortable with ALL equipment currently manufactured. Our distribution accounts handle most major brands of equipment, allowing our staff hands-on experience working on and troubleshooting machines.

Meet the Chemists

All of our products are quality checked and verified by trained professionals. Product sample retains are collected and stored for a minimum of one year. Depending on the product, quality tests may include: Cloud Point, alkaline/base & acid/chelate titrations, peroxide and sulfite titrations, specific gravity, viscosity, & thermal stability tests. We have 5 full-time chemists on staff to develop and maintain our line of quality products.

Meet the Administrative Team

At ChemQuest, we believe in delivering exceptional customer service. When you call our offices you are sure to get an answer. ChemQuest maintains a code of conduct and ethics that exemplify our commitment to both our employees and customers.