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Company History

ChemQuest was a small carwash chemical business started in St. Paul, MN in 1994 supplying basic chemical lines to the local touchfree carwash market.  In 1996 Steve Girard partnered with the company and helped implement our unique Stay-Full Delivery Program. The program successfully relived the problems in the touchless carwash market associated with the storage, handling, moving, and drum disposal of carwash products. Since the inception of the program we have expanded the business to include all types of carwashes throughout Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and North Dakota.

 In 1999 the company expanded its product line to provide for the full service carwash market and began private labeling ChemQuest products for equipment manufacturers.

In 2000 ChemQuest merged with C & H Chemical a detergent manufacturer, and expanded its distribution nationwide under both the private label program and the ChemQuest brand. 


Employees and a fleet of trucks outside of C&H building

ChemQuest Merges with Hobo, Inc.

In November of 2006, ChemQuest was purchased by HOBO Inc, a chemical formulator and manufacturer specializing in private labeling for carwash sales and service organizations.  With the merger of the two companies, we have extensive experience in creating private label programs through custom products, labels, and marketing design capabilities. All carwash sales and marketing have been moved to ChemQuest. We maintain both direct business models and distributor models throughout the United States. 

Exterior of HOBO building

ChemQuest expands to second location

In 2014 ChemQuest expanded again purchasing our building In Farmington, MN.  All our administrative offices moved to the new building along with some manufacturing and expanded our storage capacities.  In 2017 our dedicated Reasearch and Development lab was commissioned to further the expansion of our product offerings.  


Eaton Avenue HOBO Company Building Exterior

chemquest expands again!

In 2018 we underwent another expansion at our Lakeville Manufacturing plant expanding our manufacturing and shipping capabilities.  Total square footage of all ChemQuest locations is now 74,600 to better serve our customers and continue to expand our foot print nationwide.

Chemquest team with shovels starting new expansion project

service you can trust

Our largest direct, non-distributor, accounts are located in the MN, WI, ND markets along with a large tunnel group located in the Ohio market. We service those accounts, directly with ChemQuest employees. ChemQuest maintains a fleet 8 of service vehicles and delivery trucks to maintain the direct MN regional market.  All service personnel are trained in Wash Pro Analytics that allows for onsite documentation of all things observed and tested during our Preventive Maintenance visits. Ohio has two full-time sales service personnel to manage our direct business in that market.


Chemquest employees standing in front of Chemquest commercial truck


ChemQuest currently does not have any exclusive agreements with any carwash equipment manufacturer.  Over the years, our service staff has worked with and on most brands of equipment, where chemical delivery is concerned. We are comfortable with ALL equipment currently manufactured. Our distribution accounts handle most major brands of equipment, allowing our staff hands-on experience working on and troubleshooting machines.

Chemquest employee looking at analytical car wash data

 Products for every application

Chemquest offers a comprehensive product line that meets the demands of our customers, from economical products to our EZ Concentrates. We also offer a complete line of readily biodegradable products for reclaim systems.

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Chemquest warehouse filled with various car was soaps

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Chemquest Distribution partners are located throughout the United States. Our Distributors cover large geographical areas outside of their warehouse locations with their own sales and service personnel. Chemquest Distributors are made up of both Chemquest Branded and Private Label distribution models. By offering both models, we give our distributors the choice that best fits their sales and operational objectives. Both options get 100% support from our sales and service team.

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Chemistry you can rely on

Chemquest maintains a comprehensive quality control program that governs both our processes and finished goods. Chemquest is ISO 9001-2015 and ANS/ISO/IEC 17025:2005 compliant, to ensure customer satisfaction in the design, manufacture, and packaging of our products.

All of our products are quality checked and verified by trained professionals.  Product sample retains are collected and stored for a minimum of one year.  Depending on the prduct, quality tests may include: Cloud Point, alkaline/base & acid/chelate titrations, peroxide and sulfite titrations, specific gravity, viscosity, & thermal stability tests. We have five full-time chemists on staff to develop and maintain our line of quality products.

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Customer Service

At ChemQuest, we believe in delivering exceptional customer service.  When you call our offices you are sure to get an answer. ChemQuest maintains a code of conduct and ethics that exemplify our commitment to both our employees and customers.

ChemQuest prides itself on being a good steward of the communities in which we operate. Though our charitable donations of both monies and volunteer hours, ChemQuest is active in supporting both the local business community and school systems.

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