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Research & Development

Chemquest continues to develop new and innovative products. Beyond our regular complement of products, we have developed a UV Protectant clear coat called Poly-Tect. This product is a departure from Mineral Seal Oil based drying agents and uses a more durable polymer that better protects the surface and provides a higher level of shine. 

We are working on filling out our Reclaim Friendly line that is free of anionics and silicones.  


Chemist with blue glove testing chemicals

Its all about the process

Our process for developing new products starts with an idea from our sales team.  The idea is presented to the lab and evaluated, then the real work begins.  The formulation is created and goes through extensive testing in the lab and out in the field which is most important to make sure it will really work on vehicles in the wash.  The lab continues to develop customized tests for different soils and how to remove them.  We are continually improving these tests to better reflect real world carwash conditions for solid data comparisons on products. 

Our lab personnel are a valuable resource when it comes to issues in the washes answering questions and finding out exactly why a wash process may not be performing.  Is it a chemical issue, hard water, eyebrows on the car, streaking, cross streams in the drying process.  Whatever the issue, our chemists are on it.  

Our Team of Chemists

With over 50 years of combined experience our Chemists work to ensure the quality and consistency of all our products and work to develop new and innovative products.

Ken Wentworth

Ken Wentworth
President/Director of Sales and Marketing

As President, I wear many hats that touch all aspects of the company. By applying over 34 years of formulary experience, I direct our team of chemists on creating the best new and innovative cleaning products.  I also manage an amazing team of sales and marketing specialists to optimize our resources and focus our expertise. I am extremely confident in our team’s innovation, dedication and extensive knowledge of the Car Wash Industry. By applying these traits, we are able to partner with our customers to maximize their profitability.

Personally, I am passionate about our local community and work with several organizations as well as our Local School District to help give our youth additional guidance and experiences that will help them throughout life. I am married with two adult children and enjoy traveling, boating and fishing.  I also use my formulary skills as an award winning Home Brewer.  Another diversion to my busy life is singing Barbershop Harmony in both The Great Northern Union Chorus and a quartet called SWYPE.

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Ryan Vossen

Ryan Vossen
Regional VP of Sales
West Coast Division

I am the Western Regional (more or less west of the Mississippi River) VP of Sales and have been with the company for 14 years.  Half of that time was spent in the lab, where I  was developing/formulating new products or performing quality control, and the other half has been as a salesman. I am married with 3 kids from ages 8 to 2.  They keep us plenty busy between school and activities.  When we are not tied up with the kids’ activities I enjoy getting outdoors to hunt (or at least take in nature) and keeping my lawn nicely manicured.  Taking in the occasional sporting event (primarily Hockey) has also grown in interest with my oldest child.


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Paul Bakalich_5x7_300dpi

Paul Bakalich
Lab Manager/ R&D Chemist

I graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College located in St. Peter, MN, with a degree in Chemistry in June of 2011 and have been working for ChemQuest ever since. In my Time at ChemQuest  I have worked in the lab running quality control, developed custom carwash formulations, provided technical support, and I am now overseeing the quality management system for operations. This includes internal and external auditing. Outside of ChemQuest, I am an avid home-brewer and beer geek. I also enjoy the outdoors, including trips to the BWCA in northern Minnesota.

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Steven Mitchell_5x7_300dpi

Steven Mitchell
R&D Chemist

I am the primary R&D chemist for the company, in this role it is my goal to improve and innovate our product line. I do this with input from the company’s excellent team of chemists, a background in chemistry, and close contact with our sales teams. I have been with the company since the spring of 2016. In that time, I have worked in all aspects of our lab such as quality control, costumer troubleshooting, and formula development. I thoroughly enjoy the culture the company has created and opportunities the company has given me to not only learn, but to teach as well through our local student outreach program.

Personally, I love spend time with my family. I have a wonderful fiancé, a spirited daughter, and a fiercely loyal Siberian Husky. I also love to play hockey and do so weekly with a local league.

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