Concentrates made EZ

Car Wash Chemicals – Concentrates Made EZ

This car wash chemical system is all about simplicity, functionality and affordability. In fact the Concentrates Made EZ program is nothing new, but rather it is a revival of the systems of yester-year.  For years this style of system dominated the car wash industry and allowed owners to keep it simple. Over the past couple of years newer programs have inundated the industry and promoted cost savings on a cost per car wash. This system does the same thing, but it is far simpler, easier to setup and more flexible.

It starts by selecting your desired level of concentrated products. Choose almost any product, from entry level concentrates to ultra concentrates. (The level of concentration is partially determined by your equipment.) Then using our EZ 20 Gallon secondary containers, pour your products into their respective container, hook up to your existing equipment and dial into amazing results.

System Benefits

  • Saves space
  • Reduces waste
  • Eliminates workplace injuries
  • No mixing or pre-diluting
  • EZ to ship, EZ to handle, EZ to setup…so simple it’s EZ!

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