DAZZLE PLUS: This spray and wipe express polish creates a durable protective shine on a vehicle’s surface.  Designed to provide that “Just Waxed” shine in a fraction of the time. Simply spray on to a cleaned vehicle surface and then wipe off to a high luster.  For use in detail shops and full-service tunnels.   Exceptional feel and shine, bubblegum fragrance, contains reactive silicones, high glossy shine.  Freeze-thaw stable. Ideal for use in detail shops and full-service tunnels.

GLASS CLEANER : (GC-WW):  An all-purpose glass and surface cleaner with ammonia. Leaves windows streak-free, dries quickly, contains NO surfactants.

CHEMGUARD: A pleasantly scented, thickened water-based silicone cream conditioner designed for use on leather and vinyl. Provides a long-lasting detergent resistant shine, for use on interior leather and plastic, dashboards and consoles.

SHOWTIME TIRE DRESSING: Highly concentrated premium solvent-based silicone tire dressing. This product is designed to be used in conveyor wash systems where the tire dressing is applied mechanically through foam pads or cloth.  This product can also be used on the detail line side where an ultra-high gloss on the tire or rubber trim is desired.

TIRE SLICK: Economical water-based silicone tire dressing, applies easily and immediately begins to set up on the tire by shedding the water. High Gloss, capable of being hand applied or pumped through an applicator system.

UP-15.01: A moderate foaming winter/summer blend to remove soils, dirt and other debris from automotive upholstery and carpet. Lemon fragrance, foam dries leaving dirt on the surface for easy removal with a vacuum.

INTERIOR SCENT BLAST: This product is a water-based fragrance blend that is designed to be sprayed onto floor mats and automotive carpeting.  It is designed to be pleasant and not overpowering.  Available in the following scents: Eucalyptus Mint, Cherry, Vanilla, Nu-Car, Pina Colada, Pomelo, and Dreamsicle.

PRE-MOISTENED WIPES: A fantastic multi-surface cleaner. Great for hard surfaces like plastic and glass. These wipes are ideal to give to your customers to clean the inside of their vehicles while going through an express tunnel wash.

WASH-N-DRY: A detergent concentrate designed to rinse off easy and speed the drying of the surface of a vehicle after washing. Ideal for use in hand wash operations.

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