ssHigh Pressure MintAF-33 SERIES: This low pH shampoo series provides moderate lubricity while keeping the wraps free of buildup. This product also neutralizes alkaline presoak carryover to improve drying agent performance and produces shinier paint and glass surfaces. For use in automatic and tunnel washes. CARB – NF – PF – R.

EZ HPL: Lemon scented detergent concentrate for foam or wet application in friction washes as a presoak, foam shampoo, or detail gun prep soap. For use in automatic, tunnel, self-serve washes. CARB – NF – POF – R.

EZ SUDS: Pink, cherry scented high foaming detergent concentrate for multiple applications including foam brush, cloth application shampoos, and friction roll-overs. CARB – PF – R.

FUSION: A set of multi-colored, bubble gum scented, self serve foam brush detergents. CARB – NF – PF – R.

HIGH FOAM: A concentrated alkaline detergent for friction vehicle washes. Excellent cleaner for prep arches and presoak mitters. Highly effective on bugs, pollen and tree sap, as well as typical road soils. Ideal as the high pH component of a two step friction cleaning process. For use in automatic and tunnel washes. CARB – NF – POF – R.

HP-09.02: This pleasantly lemon scented high pressure shampoo is excellent for self serve applications. CARB – NF – PF – R.

IRF-10 SERIES: This blend is designed to create lots of foam in a hard water environment. Excellent hard water tolerance. Ideal for all washes not equipped with a water softener. CARB – NF – PF – R.

LUSTRE FOAM: Detergent concentrate for friction automatics. CARB – NF – PF – R.

PINK SATIN: A detergent concentrate for foam brush and cloth applications. For use in automatic, tunnel and self-serve washes. CARB – PF – R.

MF-SERIES: This foaming auto shampoo produces lush soft foam with an extremely stable profile that is ideal for all cloth and brush application. The MF-Series comes in a variety of concentrations, colors and fragrances to best suit any need. For use in automatic, tunnel and self-serve washes. CARB – PF – R.

WL 40.00: Using state of the art polymer technology, this product provides excellent foam and even better lubricity for friction application. Designed to eliminate squeaking and grabbing of all cleaning materials. CARB – NF – PF – R.


CARB = Complies with California Air Quality Resource Board. Contains less than 0.2% VOC when used at recommended dilution levels.

CARB2 = Complies with California Air Quality Resource Board special exemptions for Tire Cleaners, Tar Removers and non-aersol glass cleaners.

NF = Nonylphenol Free.

PF = Phosphate Free.

POF = Phosphorous Free.

R = Reclaim Friendly.