LiquidTowlBlueAPPEAL: A concentrated citrus scented drying agent. When applied to a vehicles at proper dilutions, this product beads the water for easy removal. CARB – NF – PF.

ECO 25.01: This reclaim friendly drying agent is great for maintaining a dry car, while not using mineral seal oils (MSO). It has a pleasing cherry fragrance. This product is versatile and can be used for all drying agent applications. CARB – NF – PF – R.

EZ DRI: A highly concentrated liquid drying agent designed to bead water and enhance natural or forced air drying. Ideal for use in friction and frictionless automatics and self serves. Composition has been carefully adjusted to produce the lowest energy spherical water droplets to optimize blower efficiency. CARB – NF – PF.

LIQUID CHAMOIS: An orange scented liquid drying agent designed to “break” the surface water on a vehicle after washing/ rinsing to provide excellent sheeting action for faster drying with natural or forced air. Specially designed for use in touchless automatics. CARB – NF – PF.

LIQUID TOWEL: A light blue, mint scented liquid drying agent concentrate designed to bead water to enhance natural or air blower drying. Liquid Towel can be used in friction and frictionless automatics and self serves. CARB – NF – PF.

SCW-20 SERIES: This is an effective, economical and versatile drying agent that can be used in all applications from tunnel, automatic, to self serve. Use about 3/4- ounce per car, this product will bead and break quickly on the surface and provides a pleasant lemon scent. Also available in berry scent. CARB – PF.

SSW-20.01: This berry scented drying agent is designed to sheet water from the vehicle’s surface to reduce the tiny water droplets left behind. CARB – NF – PF.


CARB = Complies with California Air Quality Resource Board. Contains less than 0.2% VOC when used at recommended dilution levels.

CARB2 = Complies with California Air Quality Resource Board special exemptions for Tire Cleaners, Tar Removers and non-aersol glass cleaners.

NF = Nonylphenol Free.

PF = Phosphate Free.

POF = Phosphorous Free.

R = Reclaim Friendly.