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Featured Products 


Ceramic Sealant

This ceramic sealant is comprised of a silicon dioxide additive package that will bond to the surface of the vehicle providing durable protection, high gloss and water repellency. This product is ideal for use in all wash types as a premium add on product. Not only will it shine the vehicle, but it provides a fantastic show with purple foam and grape fragrance!


Candy Cane Blast

Scent Blast

Prepare your car wash for the holiday season with Candy Cane Blast! This fan-favorite scent instantly adds cheer to your car wash and keeps your customers returning! Contact us today to learn more.

CandyCane Blast Ad

Spice Blast

Scent Blast

Tired of the same old smell in your carwash? Your customers are too. Blow them away with Spice Blast! This product can be dual injected with products or applied directly to the vehicle through our Scent Shot system.

Spice Blast Ad

ChemQuest Cones & Cone Toppers

Promotional Marketing Product

Catch the attention of your customers and direct them straight into your Car Wash with ChemQuest's bright green cones! We also offer many different cone toppers to help promote your best wash options!

CQ Cones

Windmaster Signage

Promotional Marketing Product

ChemQuest works with marketing partners in the industry to help promote your business and the ChemQuest brand. We have many stock items to choose from to help boost upgraded wash sales.

WindMaster Signs 2.0



4QUAT is a very effective four-chain quaternary sanitizer designed for effective environmental surface sanitation in today’s food processing industry. It is EPA Registered and USDA Authorized for use as a Sanitizer against many pathogens including COVID-19 and is listed on the EPA N-List.


Dutrion Tablet


Dutrion Tablet® is a transportable, single composite chlorine dioxide tablet, that once added to a specific volume of water, reacts quickly and safely into a long-lasting active chlorine dioxide Disinfectant solution.

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