CherriesFRAGRANCE BLASTER’S SERIES: This product is designed to be injected into chemical lines to enhance or add in a new fragrance. It is a non-dyed heavily fragranced product that can be used in many product types. Compatible in most presoaks, triple foams, detergents, drying agent and waxing products. Fragrances will slightly enhance the products foam profile. Available in Berry, Bubble Gum, Cherry and Lemon. CARB – PF – R.

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CARB = Complies with California Air Quality Resource Board. Contains less than 0.2% VOC when used at recommended dilution levels.

CARB2 = Complies with California Air Quality Resource Board special exemptions for Tire Cleaners, Tar Removers and non-aersol glass cleaners.

NF = Nonylphenol Free.

PF = Phosphate Free.

POF = Phosphorous Free.

R = Reclaim Friendly.