Bulk-DeliveryThe Liquid Bulk Delivery Program is specially designed for automatic and tunnel washes that are located within a 150 mile radius of our Lakeville, MN manufacturing facility.

Chemquest loans the wash the storage tanks with no up-front or monthly rental fees, monitors the inventory levels – refills when necessary and monitors the wash quality and makes adjustments when necessary.

Program Advantages

  • Storage tank use provided at no cost. As long as the wash uses our product they can use our tanks.
  • Storage tanks take advantage of vertical storage space. They take up less equipment room floor space than the equivalent number of gallons stored in 55 or 30 gallon drums.
  • Eliminates work place injury issues associated with moving around heavy drums. This keeps the cost workers compensation insurance down and prevents the employees from missing work due to an injury and rehab time. It also frees up time – no longer do you have to switch out drums or move foot valves from drum to drum.
  • Eliminating heel loss. Stop throwing away product you have paid for away or spending extra time and effort attempting to pour out the unused product remaining in the bottom of the changed out drums.
  • Eliminates the storage and disposal issues of empty drums. Opens up storage space – customers don’t have to store a bunch of empty drums of hazardous materials until they have enough drums for someone to come get them.
  • Regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance checks by Chemquest Service Technicians. We worry about your wash quality so you don’t have to.
  • The route delivery schedule reduces inventory control issues. Reduces the worry of running out of product and having to mix your own product. Receipts are metered.
  • SAVES TIME AND MONEY! Frees up the customer’s or their employee’s time to concentrate on other areas of the business.

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