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At ChemQuest we strive to formulate and bring you the best products possible with the branding you need to promote upgraded wash sales! 

Colada sheen logo

Colada Sheen

Loaded with Pina colada fragrance and bright yellow foam it smells amazing, looks great and leaves your car looking awesome.

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poly tech logo


This product uses a proprietary non-silicone polymer fluid, fortified with UV inhibitor that provides exceptional shine that customers WILL notice.

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rainshield  logo small


Total vehicle protectant designed to bond to the vehicle surfaces providing extended shine, protection and water repellency.

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showtime logo


This oil-based silicone tire dressing is designed to be used in conveyor wash systems where tire dressing is applied mechanically through brushes, foam pads or cloth.

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EZ Concentrates logo

EZ Concentrates

Ideal for all car wash systems; tunnel, automatic or self service.  

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ChemQuest manufactures and distributes a full line of pet products designed for use in dog wash applications.

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