This ultra-concentrated triple foam polish creates fantastic results. Utilizing new detergent technology, this product combines show and shine. Upon application its foam collapses and rinses freer than standard triple foam conditioners. Additionally, it begins the drying process by breaking water and improving drying agent effectiveness. This product is ideal where rinsing and time are of the essence.

This product should be applied using a foam generation applicator (foam stick, shower head, pod, foam curtain, etc.). Begin by applying it at 400-500:1. This product is viscous and thus may require larger metering tips/settings to pull at the proper rate. Product is ideally diluted with soft water, but it will still work well with harder water. Use in friction, touch free and self-serve applications.

  • Enhances drying
  • Bright foam color and intense fragrance
  • Reclaim friendly
  • Ideal for use in touch free applications
Available Sizes
  • 5-gallon pails Code: 10-70159-005
  • 15-gallon drums Code: 10-70159-015
  • 30-gallon drums Code: 10-70159-030
  • 55-gallon drums Code: 10-70159-055

Additional colors and/or fragrances available. Contact sales for more details!