This product is a low pH presoak to be used as the first step of a two-step wash process. This product is similar to other low pH presoaks, but with a better foam profile, pleasant fragrance and more balanced usage. It effectively cleans tough road films and leaves glass and paint shinier

This product should be applied as the first step in a two-step cleaning process. For touch free cleaning apply 70-115:1 (6-10 drops). For friction applications start at a rate of 115-175:1 (4-6 drops). For more difficult cleaning conditions slowly increase strength. For additional cleaning and foam reduction, product can be added later in tunnels to wraps. Using soft water will improve foam profile and product performance.

  • Contains no HF or ABF
  • Increased shine to metal and glass
  • Great show and fragrance
  • Keep cloth and bay walls clean
Available Sizes
  • 5-gallon pails Code: 10-10108-005
  • 15-gallon drums Code: 10-10108-015
  • 30-gallon drums Code: 10-10108-030
  • 55-gallon drums Code: 10-10108-055
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