This product is comprised of a polymer system that will bond to the vehicle surfaces providing extended shine, protection and water repellency. Ideal for use as a premium wash package upgrade for conveyors, automatics and self-serve washes. Not only will it shine the vehicle, it provides a great show with yellow foam and an amazing dreamsicle fragrance!

This product should be applied to the surface of a clean vehicle at a rate of 250-350:1 (4-6 drops) under low pressure. For high pressure application reduce usage rate to 400-600:1 (2-3 drops). For self-serve applications apply at 350-500:1 (3-4 drops). Product should be applied with soft water when possible to avoid spotting.

  • Excellent surface protection
  • Increased shine to painted surfaces
  • Repels rain for improved windshield visibility
  • Pleasant dreamsicle fragrance
Available Sizes
  • 5-gallon pails Code: 11-11500-005
  • 15-gallon drums Code: 11-11500-015
  • 30-gallon drums Code: 11-11500-030
  • 55-gallon drums Code: 11-11500-055