Pleasantly fragranced and appropriately dyed, this product is ideal for use in foam curtains. It generates a beautiful curtain of foam that will lubricate and clean while dazzling the customer with its foam and fragrance. It is versatile enough that it can also be used through foam sticks, pods or showerheads.

Ideal usage is in tunnel applications as a foam curtain. It can also be used as a foam brush or brush lubricant. In all applications it should be diluted with soft water allowing for greater efficiency and cleaning. Begin by applying at 400-500:1 and adjust as necessary. In foam curtain applications less air is required. For foamier applications increase air.

  • Good hard water stability
  • Economical usage
  • Versatile application
  • Awesome fragrance and show
Available Sizes
  • 5-gallon pails Code: 10-70180-005
  • 15-gallon drums Code: 10-70180-015
  • 30-gallon drums Code: 10-70180-030
  • 55-gallon drums Code: 10-70180-055

Additional colors and/or fragrances available. Contact sales for more details!

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