Stay-Full Delivery Program

Delivery Program

ChemQuest offers a unique stay-full delivery program to our customers located in the Minnesota, Wisconsin, Eastern North Dakota and Northern Iowa regional area.

Each customer location is placed on a route delivery schedule and inventory levels are monitored during regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits. This assures that our customers do not run out of chemicals. Our program is hands-free for store staff, and they never have to worry about pouring chemicals or running out of a product. There are no empty containers to dispose of as the ChemQuest staff is sure to remove all empty containers at each visit. ChemQuest provides all storage tanks, feeder lines to chemical distribution points and chemical delivery at no charge. Our delivery technicians provide a detailed delivery record at the completion of delivery to each site.

Chemquest employees stand in front of fleet truck

Preventative Maintenance

ChemQuest makes on-site visits to each location every 2-6 weeks, based on location and car counts. Emergency 24/7 service calls are available. All MN service personnel are trained in Wash Pro Analytics, which allows for onsite documentation of all things observed and tested during our Preventive Maintenance visits. This information is printed and shared with you and is archived for future referral. During these PM visits, visual inspection of all equipment is performed, and chemical inventories are recorded and inventory is ordered to ensure the washes do not have downtime due to chemical outages.

Testing chemquest car wash products


Other services performed include, chemical titrations, water system checks and testing, inspecting chemical lines and pumping systems, as well as draw tests for cost evaluations. Additionally, our Chemical Delivery Team does a visual inspection of the wash sites when they arrive to fill chemical. If there are any findings, they alert the ChemQuest Service Team and a member will visit the site to correct any issues.

Testing ChemQuest chemicals

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