ChemquestLogoOvalnewtagAC-50: Highly effective bay & equipment cleaner. This product contains a blend of surfactants, hydrochloric acid, and ammonium bifluoride. Simply spray on and spray off. CARB – NF.

A-SALT: A specially formulated detergent designed to break through the toughest salt film on bumpers, grills, headlights, front ends, mirror backs, undercarriage and exhausts on cars and truck. R.

CHEMBRITE AB: A concentrated product containing hydrofluoric acid designed for cleaning and brightening aluminum and stainless steel. An ideal Step 1 acid for trailer cleaning. Excellent road film remover for cleaning and brightening. CARB – PF.

DEFOAMER: Designed particularly for detergent foams found in car wash reclaim systems. Also suitable for defoaming residue during over-the-road tanker washout. CARB – NF – PF – R.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: A non-DOT regulated hydrogen peroxide blend designed to be injected into the water reclaim pit to control odor and enhance the ozone oxidation process. CARB – NF – PF – R.

LAUNDRY BRITE: A heavy-duty general detergent for laundering overalls, general wiping cloths, aprons, or other clothing. CARB – NF – PF – R.

RUST INHIBITOR: A corrosion inhibitor for underbody rust protection. CARB – NF – R.

SURFACE BRIGHTENER: A mint-scented acid solvent detergent designed to remove lime scale and scum from car wash interiors. CARB – R.