Chemquest Tire DressingsDRS-50.00: This product is a silicone based tire dressing designed to be used in conveyor wash systems where the tire dressing is applied mechanically through foam pads or cloth. This product can also be used on the detail line side where an ultra high gloss on the tire or rubber trim is desired. NF – PF.

ECO-TIRE: This state of the art polymeric non-silicone, water-based tire dressing is designed for both mechanical and manual applications. This dressing is safe and easy to work with. Will not make your floors slippery and cleans up with water. Once dried, provides a durable high gloss finish. CARB – NF – PF – R.

TIRE BLACK: An all-purpose solvent based premium silicone dressing for automobile tires, bumpers, moldings, vinyl and plastic. When dried, Tire Black produces a high gloss, water resistant, long lasting finish. NF – PF.

TIRE SLICK: This product is a high gloss water-based silicone tire dressing. When applied its white appearance aids in showing coverage. As it sets up it turns clear and takes on the desired high gloss finish. CARB – NF – PF.

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CARB = Complies with California Air Quality Resource Board. Contains less than 0.2% VOC when used at recommended dilution levels.

CARB2 = Complies with California Air Quality Resource Board special exemptions for Tire Cleaners, Tar Removers and non-aersol glass cleaners.

NF = Nonylphenol Free.

PF = Phosphate Free.

POF = Phosphorous Free.

R = Reclaim Friendly.