Rainshield LogoRAIN SHIELD: A total vehicle protectant, this product is designed to work on all of a vehicle’s surfaces. This product provides a polymer system that will bond to the vehicle surfaces providing extended shine, protection and water repellency. Ideal for use as a premium wash package upgrade for conveyors, automatics and self serve washes. CARB – NF – PF.NOTES:
CARB = Complies with California Air Quality Resource Board. Contains less than 0.2% VOC when used at recommended dilution levels.
CARB2 = Complies with California Air Quality Resource Board special exemptions for Tire Cleaners, Tar Removers and non-aersol glass cleaners.
NF = Nonylphenol Free.
PF = Phosphate Free.
POF = Phosphorous Free.
R = Reclaim Friendly.